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~hi, i'm miranda. i'm messed up, unstable and lonely and i'd like you to talk to me.~

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i’m so sad. my psychiatrist is an ass.


You don’t understand
I need to get laid

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i’m so jealous of my sister for attaining the most adorable boy that i would have seriously asked out my anxiety ridden self if he wasn’t two years younger than me. i’m so all over the place and i would literally talk to almost any boy that could carry a conversation right now. i just want to have people there all the time but never actually commit to anyone because that’s just not me right now. i’m seriously like a boy. i just want to meet people and have a good time and avoid anything serious. i’m going to go back to my plan of deflowering christian boys i guess. but seriously fuck why doesn’t anyone like me i just want to have a good time and never have to open up to anyone ever again.